By Maud Séjournant

Entering the Shaman's Eye cover, smallEntering the Shaman’s Eye: The journey of a Parisian seeker in the high desert

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Translated into English from the original French title Le Cercle de vie: Initiation chamanique d’une psychothérapeute, now in its 7th printing with Editions Albin Michel, Paris, France.

From the description:
Entering the Shaman’s Eye is the extraordinary story of a Parisian seeker whose visions of the Medicine Wheel at Chaco Canyon propelled her to bring the teachings of shamanism back to her own people. A mix of memoir, commentary, and guided exercises, this book recounts the author’s remarkable apprenticeship with Native American shamans in the high desert of New Mexico even as it explores an ancient, universal approach to healing. Séjournant writes, “Native American culture allowed me to rediscover the part of me that feels like it comes directly from the earth and the sun. . . . And, paradoxically, the Native American ceremonies and rituals in which I had the honor of participating allowed me to better understand the culture of my own origins.”

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